Amazon Peru Sandoval Lake Flora Fauna

Amazon Peru Sandoval Lake Flora Fauna

Amazon Peru Sandoval Lake Flora Fauna

Sandoval Lake wild plants

Within this wild   Sandoval Lake Flora Fauna we can mention orchids, platanillos, ungurahuis, lupuna, mahogany and Mauritanian palms that reach an average of 30 to 40 m high.
within these plants inhabit a great diversity of species

Wild  Sandoval Lake Flora Fauna.

Like the birds, the cormorants, toucans, macaws, kingfish, herons, cranes, among others, we have the turtles, black caiman and the giant otters, better known as the river otters that this species is in extinction, tarantulas, frogs, bats, snakes, insects, butterflies, ants etc. more than 100 species of birds were registered in lake sandoval

How is your habitat of Animals in Sandoval Lake Flora Fauna .

The Animals in the lake is the perfect place because it finds a habitat of rain forests, tropical and very temperate. It means that they live in a place with a humid and hot climate, during the year the plants and trees develop or grow

important heights and come to have leafy tops and tender leaves in abundance, they bear delicious fruits with a lot of protein.

What is Lake Sandoval and why is it known  .

Lake Sandoval is considered one of the Amazonian Natural Paradises and very impressive due to its wonderful

landscape found in southern Peru, Lake Sandoval is an impressive destination for visitors located in the Tambopata National Reserve, Madre de Dios Region.

This natural reserve keeps many mysteries if secrets of many species that developed for many years ago, we can also observe giant trees of 600 years of a height of 90 meters that formed in this virgin jungle. . Which is the perfect shelter for many creatures, such as animals, toads, ants, spiders and some birds, are caves. Lake Sandoval is surrounded by lots of vegetation and a tropical jungle, amazing vegetation .

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